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Kevin T. Cominsky



Kevin Cominsky

Cook Maran Vice President and Client Advisor Kevin T. Cominsky ensures his clients’ businesses are fully prepared for, and protected against, the unthinkable by utilizing sound risk management strategies. This is achieved by working with clients and advising them on how to operate at an optimal level of risk management, which is based on an intimate understating of clients’ business operations, exposures and objectives. The constant fluidity that exists not only in individual businesses, but also in the overall risk management marketplace, necessitates developing true client partnerships so that custom-made solutions can be tailored to meet specific, individual risk management needs. He specializes in the areas of construction, manufacturing, distribution and captive insurance, an alternative risk management vehicle.

Kevin cites trust as the cornerstone of successful relationships and is committed to earning his clients’ trust by proving his reliability and exceeding expectations. He accomplishes this by adhering to his personal maxim of doing what he says he is going to do—he considers this his personal brand. Ultimately, all of Kevin’s clients benefit from the client-centric service platform and execution that he provides.

Before joining Cook Maran, Kevin worked for many years in a variety of capacities at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, one of the world’s foremost customer service companies, where he received extensive training. As a result, he now naturally operates with a superior client-focused mentality and always does what is in the best interest of those he serves.

He graduated from Fordham University, where he majored in Economics and double-minored in Business Administration and Political Science. Outside of work, Kevin loves spending time with family and friends on the beach, golf course and ski slopes.

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