Employee Navigator

A simple approach for your employees and HR team.

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There’s an easier way to manage and automate your HR and benefits enrollment: Employee Navigator. Available when you choose Cook Maran as your employee benefits broker, this simple, intuitive software automates enrollment and benefits management processes, making it easier for your HR team—and your employees.

Why Employee Navigator?

Less Paper

A centralized HR management console and up-to-date employee portal replace paper forms and files.

More Efficient

Manage it all—all in one place—so you can focus on growing your business (not on manual processes).

Easier Access

It’s easy for employees (and your HR staff) to find the information they need without having to call for support.

Greater Control

Improve employee communication and engagement with quick access to reports and configuration tools.

Simpler Compliance

There’s no shortage of policies that employees must sign off on. Digital files make tracking them simple.

Improved Safety

Modernize training to improve worksite safety and reduce your Workers’ Compensation expenses.