A Message from Our CEO

We are here for you.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families and employees as we navigate through this most difficult time together as a community.

Let me share with you a quick update on how our disaster recovery plan has been performing this week. The short answer is “very well.”

Since super storm Sandy and particularly over the past five years, we have made significant investments in building an operating platform that is not dependent on being in a particular office. We moved all of our critical systems, data, software and telephones to the cloud where they can be safely accessed from any WIFI connection in the world. We built it primarily with severe storms in mind, not something like COVID-19, however the functionality and continuity it provides work the same.

More than 80% of our team members were enabled to operate from home (or anywhere) before the virus emerged. We are now at virtually 100% enabled.

Like all of you, the health and safety of our staff is paramount. Last Monday, we took to heart the guidelines of the CDC and dispersed our staff back to their homes to continue serving you from there.

It should largely be invisible to you. Our phones have been forwarded from people’s desks to either their cell phone or home phone. Whatever number you dialed before should still get you to the right place.

In like fashion, emails are fully functional and operating smoothly. Insurance carriers are open to bind coverage and pay claims with many of them working from home as we are.

We are trained as risk managers and part of that includes expecting an unplanned surprise or two. We have systems in place to identify those developing issues and will deal with them swiftly.

Rest assured we will work tirelessly to continue earning the trust you have placed in us to manage your insurance program.

Thank you for your continued support,