Strategic Risk Management

Bringing corporate-level
services to middle
market clients.

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With a service model traditionally reserved only for large multinational corporations, Cook Maran makes proactive claims and risk control expertise available, accessible and affordable to midsized businesses and municipalities looking to reduce the frequency, severity—and financial impact—of their liability and workers’ compensation claims.

Why Cook Maran?

Analytic Solutions

The history of your claims experience is key to establishing an effective risk management platform so extensive data analysis drives our recommendations to you. We analyze your losses inside and out, looking at claim type and cost per case, frequency and severity—as well as factors such as claim by occupation, time of day and seasonality—and benchmark your claims against others in your industry.

Comprehensive Safety & Risk Control

Once we determine when, why and where claims are occurring, we help to ensure your employees and company learn from them. An in-depth root cause analysis helps identify why the claim occurred and how to prevent recurring ones. We then work with your in-house team to customize a prevention plan that may include coordinating with your carrier, health and safety programs, training as well as site inspections and safety audits.

Proactive Claims Advocacy

At Cook Maran, our objective is to ensure all open claims have an aggressive resolution strategy with appropriate reserves. From open claim review meetings, coverage analyses and allocated expenses analyses to come up with a carrier action plan to negotiating with carrier counsel when necessary, we focus on all facets of managing your claims so you can focus on managing your business.

Our Team Is Your Team

Our professionals leverage their prior experience with insurance carriers, regional brokers and large clients and shared passion for customer advocacy, claims and safety, to work with your staff to develop and implement a customized service plan that works for your company.

Solid Return on Investment

We never lose sight of the bottom line—and look to deliver a solid return on investment in the very first year. Going forward, we conduct annual reviews to ensure you understand your loss experience to date, its influences and how it impacts our recommendations for the coming year.

Marketplace Strength

NurseFirst: 24/7 Triage That’s Better for Your Employees and Your Business.

Available exclusively through Cook Maran, NurseFirst provides injured employees with immediate medical attention from a registered nurse over the phone—and an opportunity for your business to avoid excess medical costs by promoting self-care and urgent care clinic visits. This program:

  • Reduces medical expenses. Nearly half of the triage callers opt for self-care, reducing unnecessary physician visits by 25 percent and ER visits by 55 percent.
  • Helps keep employees healthy—and happy. Overall employee satisfaction rating is 99 percent and more than 93 percent of employees say triage helped them make the right decision.
  • Takes the burden of medical decision making off your supervisors and managers.

Can reduce workers’ compensation claims and OSHA filings. In 2016, program participants decreased workers’ comp claims 18 percent and OSHA filings 37 percent.