Public Library Insurance

Evolving protection
for an evolving industry.

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The Northeast’s leading broker for Utica National’s unique Library Safety Group Plan, Cook Maran along with our library specialist Joe Price, provide the risk management solutions local public and specialty libraries need to continue to play a large role in the community.

Why Cook Maran?

In-Depth Experience

With over 40 years’ experience, Cook Maran has developed solid relationships with a number of public libraries and understands the unique risks facing organizations like yours. We leverage our extensive industry experience to help you manage these risks and protect your property, patrons, and administration.

Top Specialty Broker

Cook Maran has a 30-plus year relationship with Utica National, sponsor of the Library Safety Group Plan, the only program of its kind in the Northeast. In fact, we’re the leading program broker in our region, which helps to ensure you receive the best coverage at the lowest cost.

Comprehensive Coverage

The Library plan is designed with your risk management needs in mind, including everything from a library property floater, legal liability protection, and a library auto extension endorsement to custom coverage for landscaping, signage, data processing technology—and more.

Dedicated Claims Advocates

Our claim specialists are the Northeast’s most experienced and use their 30 years’ library industry experience to effectively manage your claims, negotiate when necessary, and proactively review your claims to identify ways to lower your premiums. They deliver it all with best-in-class service and 24/7 accessibility.

Ongoing Collaboration

In addition to serving as a trusted insurance adviser and advocate, a number of our library clients further leverage our extensive experience and seek our risk management advice when they’re looking to grow or expand—from capital and building projects to community fundraisers.