Food Manufacturing & Distribution

We have the right
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Food is essential to life—and to your business success. At Cook Maran, we create custom, comprehensive insurance solutions to help food manufacturers and distributors like you protect your processes, people, and products and keep good food moving smoothly (and profitably) to your customers.

Why Cook Maran?

Comprehensive Custom Solutions

From product spoilage, liability and recall to property/supply chain, automotive fleet, workers’ compensation and more, we create custom insurance solutions for food manufacturers and distributors big and small.

Local Market Knowledge

Transporting food in the New York metropolitan area has its own unique set of challenges and risks. We bring decades of experience to help you effectively manage both, whether your fleet has 15 trucks—or 150.

Local Control Strategies

We’ll review your health and safety programs, risk management controls and safe work practices. Our goal: Reduce your future losses by identifying potential risks and initiating or improving preventative practices and programs.

Risk Transfer Expertise

We will review vendor agreements to ensure the appropriate risk transfer is in place to protect you and potentially lower your insurance cost. We also monitor insurance certificates so the required additional insured language is included.

Protective Claims Management

We not only manage the claims process and negotiate with your carrier when needed, we also proactively review your claims—and address outstanding issues—throughout the year to help lower your premiums and workers’ comp experience modification rating.

Strong Carrier Relationships

Our standing as one of the nation’s top insurance brokers means we have access to all major markets and leverage our experience with them to ensure you receive the most cost-effective program for your business based on your size and claims history.