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Reducing your construction company’s insurance costs is critical to strengthening your business foundation. Cook Maran is the insurance partner you can count on to help improve your risk profile, control your claims and keep your insurance costs in check.

Why Cook Maran?

Real Industry Experience

With backgrounds that include past careers in the construction industry, our team understands your business—including costly labor-related risks—from the inside. We put that knowledge to work, helping to improve your risk profile, which in turn, lowers your premium.

Consultative Coverage Analysis

We perform a comprehensive coverage analysis in order to identify potential coverage gaps as well as the credits to which you’re entitled, and build a cost-effective construction insurance solution that works for your business needs and the bottom line.

Risk Transfer Expertise

From analyzing your contracts, agreements with subcontractors, building owners and other partners to reviewing and tracking their insurance certificates, we ensure they’re properly insured and transfer risk to the downstream party to help protect you and lower your cost.

Loss Control Strategies

Our knowledgeable specialists review your health and safety programs, risk management controls and safe work practices. Our goal: Reduce your future losses by identifying potential risks and initiating or improving preventative practices and programs.

Proactive Claims Management

We not only manage the claims process and negotiate with your carrier when needed, we also proactively review your claims—and address outstanding issues—throughout the year to help lower your premiums and workers’ comp experience modification rating.

Strong Carrier Relationships

One of the nation’s top insurance brokers, we leverage our size, strength and longstanding relationships with major construction insurance carriers such as Nationwide and Travelers to ensure you receive the best coverage at the lowest cost.