Captive Insurance

Improving risk management and the bottom line.

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When it comes to captive insurance, one size simply doesn’t fit all. That’s why at Cook Maran, we take a comprehensive and independent approach to captive creation, providing you with the best possible solution that will enable you to better control your specific risk—as well as insurance costs—for the best possible outcome.

Why Cook Maran?

Custom Solutions

We’re strategically positioned to provide our clients with the best opportunities to control insurance costs through the creation of various types of captives. We stay independent throughout the process, which enables us to evaluate the best captive placement and provide suggestions based on your needs—not our lack of options.

Long-term Thinking

We work with each client throughout the entire captive lifecycle from feasibility to the exit strategy. It starts with determining your goals, as well as understanding your business and industry, risk tolerance and financial needs. Our goal is to implement the best strategy for years to come, not a quick fix.

Expansive Capabilities

At Cook Maran, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide you with creative solutions for just about any type of captive insurance company, including heterogeneous and homogenous groups, single parent, rent-a-cell and enterprise risk captives.


We view each captive as an investment and focus on turning your premium dollars into a manageable investment. How? By providing unparalleled risk management, safety and strategic claims solutions. Our safety and claims professionals work together to provide your investment in the alternative risk financing and captive space with the largest possible return.