“Meopta U.S.A. is a manufacturer in Hauppauge, New York, with approximately 100 employees. We started working with Cook Maran for our Group Health Insurance in 2009, and we have been with them ever since.

The people at Cook Maran who we have worked with over the years have been knowledgeable about what the market offers and they have counseled us on how to modify our plan design from year to year to be able to provide the best coverage possible to our employees at a reasonable cost to our company and to the employee. They have been very helpful not only at renewal time but throughout the year when problems arose, even with individual claims.

In this environment of rapidly changing legal and regulatory requirements concerning health insurance, Cook Maran has taken all steps necessary to ensure that we have remained in full compliance.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cook Maran for years to come.”

Stuart Stein

Vice President, Meopta U.S.A., Inc.

February 2015