Scott Rubenstein

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 4 businesses that close for disaster repairs never reopen again. As a business owner, you can’t risk being underinsured.

Scott Rubenstein is a perfect example of that risk, and his realization that he needed more insurance was a driving factor of his relationship with Cook Maran.

Over the previous nine years, Rubenstein has served as the managing partner of a tennis club that performed well financially. But a chance meeting with an insurance agent made him realize that the business owner’s insurance coverage he had at the time was putting his company  at risk.

“I thought I was happy with my other agent,” said Rubenstein. However, once he met with Josh Helfand of Cook Maran, it didn’t take long for Rubenstein to start reconsidering his existing insurance provider.

“Just 10 minutes into our first meeting, I realized I needed someone like Josh to look out for me and make sure that I wasn’t just trying to save a dollar here and a dollar there, in turn putting my partners and myself in jeopardy,” Rubenstein recalled. “If you’re missing one critical piece of insurance because you cut it out to save a dollar, you end up losing.”

As it turns out, there were a number of holes that were existing in his current plan, holes that if left unfilled could leave him lacking coverage in the event his club was damaged, including specific exclusions pertaining to the recreational sports facility on his general liability coverage. Through a continued marketing exercise, Josh was able to successfully place Scott with a carrier who specializes in his industry. Now, with his new protection in place, Rubenstein says he couldn’t be happier with his current program and the professional services of Josh and the entire Cook Maran team.

Scott Rubenstein

Managing Partner, East Hampton Indoor Tennis

June 2015