“The corporate Health Insurance marketplace has been an extremely unsettled environment over the last five years. Premium inflation combined with the introduction of the PPACA law has presented numerous challenges to our organization. During this time, the benefits team at Cook Maran has been a trusted advisor and valuable resource for us. Through our negotiations with the insurance carriers, it is evident that Cook Maran always has Petland’s best interest in mind. Creative suggestions on plan design, combined with a strong reputation with the health insurance carriers have resulted in very favorable renewal trends for us over the last few years—with the most recent renewal coming in at a 0% increase.

The education and guidance that we have received on the PPACA law has also been a great help since we can rely on the experts to ensure our compliance. The law is constantly changing and it give us a sense of relief to know that Cook Maran’s benefits team is interpreting these revisions and advising us on our responsibilities.

Whether they are negotiating our renewal or just clearing up a simple billing issue, it is nice to know that Cook Maran will do the job professionally and thoroughly. It has been a pleasure to work with the Cook Maran benefits team over the last five years and we sincerely look forward to continuing our relationship as we grow as a company.”

Rose Consiglio

COO, Petland Distributors

February 2015