Louis Franco

“My home in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, sustained significant damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy. Our basement was flooded with sewer, water and debris. Unfortunately, the cleanup was a long and tedious process, which revealed further damage. It took 18 months to settle my claim, and my Cook Maran team never gave up.

Tim Brenneman of Cook Maran realized the claim was not being resolved timely or fairly and took the initiative to meet with the top executives at my insurance carrier to provide assistance in resolving the claim. Tim’s participation was the turning point in the claim. Tim sat around the table with the carrier’s executive and was instrumental in resolving the claim, which was millions of dollars.

Without the team at Cook Maran giving me the support I needed, I could still be in a holding pattern. Their integrity, professionalism and understanding were the driving forces in settling the claim. They are unflappable.

The agents and representatives at Cook Maran have the patience of saints and are fighters to the end. The willingness of Cook Maran to go above and beyond for me shows how much they care about their clients. The amount of time and effort Cook Maran put into assisting me through the claims process exceeded my wildest expectations. Without them by my side, I am certain I would have fallen apart.

Thanks to Cook Maran, my Superstorm Sandy claims were settled. I firmly believe this would never have been possible without their professionalism, dedication and integrity.

I can’t thank Cook Maran enough for their extraordinary effort. They went well beyond my expectations to make things happen. In my eyes, they are very special people.”

Louis Franco

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

May 2014