Gil Shapiro

“My relationship with Cook Maran began with the former Cook, Hall & Hyde, which became my personal insurance broker in the 1990s. I quickly realized that their insurance professionals were much more competent and knowledgeable than any others I’d ever dealt with and decided to bring my personal, homeowners and commercial insurance under one roof.

“I am the owner of Urban Archaeology, a leading designer and retailer of eclectic home décor—lighting, bath and kitchen furnishings—based on architectural salvage. I started the company back in the 1970s because of my passion for saving and collecting antique architectural elements.

“I am an avid collector. I also collect fine and rare wines. Very few individuals understand the value, and have the ability to appraise, such collections. My Cook Maran team does.

“That knowledge really comes into play when you have a claim. A few years ago, I had a major problem with the wine cellar in my home in the Hamptons that caused its temperature to increase to 86°F, potentially ruining an estimated $1.6 million in rare fine wines. Cook Maran immediately took control of the situation and settled the claim. I was more than satisfied with the result. They kept working with me and the underwriter to ensure I got the best deal possible.

“That’s another advantage of being a client of Cook Maran—they have the size and clout with insurance carriers to quickly resolve claims on their clients’ behalf. They’re incredibly strong.

“They’re the broker for all of my insurance needs. Through them I have policies for my five retail locations and two homes as well as a benefits plan for my 70 or so employees. Cook Maran is a one-stop risk management resource for me—and an incredible partner.”

Gil Shapiro

Owner, Urban Archaeology

February 2014