Frank DeBono

“Whether it’s my personal insurance or my business coverage, I’ve found my Cook Maran brokers to be upfront, straightforward, knowledgeable and detail oriented. They’re very responsive; if I reach out to them with a question or issue, I get a call back immediately. That’s important to me.”

“There’s no question they always have my best interests at heart. I’ve had the same broker for my personal lines since 2005. I now have two daughters who drive, and she stays on top of my changing needs, adding to my coverage to better protect me and my family.”

“My business, Frank M. DeBono Construction, has changed over the years, too. I started it in 1986. We do residential construction that’s very high end—only two or three projects each year. It’s a niche construction market that often requires specialty coverage when we work on historic buildings. My broker understands the business and what’s required from an insurance perspective.”



Frank DeBono

Owner, Frank M. DeBono Construction Corp.

May 2015