Small Employers

Employee Benefits

Find the Group Health Plan That Is Right for You!

Regardless of group size we take the time to understand your business and then proactively engage insurance carriers and service providers to develop solutions tailored to meet your strategy from a choice of:

Traditional Plans

Traditional plans such as HMO, EPO, PPO and POS are ideal for individuals and families who are interested in having well designed benefits with little out of pocket costs.  These plans can be in-network only or In and out-of-network options. In most cases dual options can be offered to suit your employee base.

High Deductible Plans

These plans offer lower premiums in return for higher deductibles. With such plans, you can offer a health savings account (H.S.A.) as well as additional contribution options to offset the costs of the deductible to your employees.

H.R.A. & H.S.A. Plans

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (H.R.A.’s) and Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.’s) provide cost sharing, tax incentives, and savings that both your company and your employees can benefit from. These plans can be “owned” by the employer or the employee and offer a range of incentives for year over year savings.

Flexible Spending Plans

This type of plan allows an employee to pay for certain expenses with completely untaxed dollars.  There are four separate categories of expenses that qualify under Section 125 that can be utilized by an employee to reduce taxable income.  Those categories are: group insurance premiums, dependent day care, out-of-pocket medical and private insurance premium expense reimbursement.

Ancillary Benefits

With all of these plan options – there are a multitude of ancillary benefits that can be offered, voluntary or non-voluntary.  We will help you determine what benefits would be best based on your group make-up.

  • Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Disability Offerings
  • Voluntary Benefit Offerings

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