Large Employers

Employee Benefits

Strategic Plan Approach

A Strategic Plan Approach for your large business allows you to compete for the best employees in your industry and plan for long term solutions to the driving cost of healthcare.

Our clients’ needs helps to formulate how our Employee Benefits Department responds. We thoroughly review each companies overall business plan and corporate objective to help lay the ground work for a year over year strategic approach to your company’s benefits offerings.  We work to uncover your needs in order to:

Hold Costs Down

The average health benefits cost per employee continues to spike each year.  We are here to help you develop key strategies for your company such as looking at consumer driven health care plans, managing costs and giving workers ‘ financial incentives to see more cost effective care.

Improve Health & Productivity

More and more studies are illustrating that employees with high-risk health factors equate to lost work days and productivity loss.  Health promotion programs save employers money and keep employees happier.  We can show you how to integrate Wellness Programs into your business model that will improve your company.

Attract Quality Employees

One of the advantages to belonging to a business organization is attractive offer of less expensive and more comprehensive benefits.  If you are not already offering a competitive program to your employees to hire and retain employees, “let us show you how.”

Get Help Through Technology

The past decade has seen a strong demand for technology & HR management. A majority of organizations now use some form of HR information system.  We have the tools to help you develop key strategies for your company in this area.  With everything from online HR administrator, compliance alerts, and automating open enrollments – we are here to help you develop the tools you need to keep current.

Help Navigate Through ACA Compliance

How prepared is your company if audited by the Department of Labor? Have you asked yourself lately if your organization demonstrates compliance?  Who is overseeing ACA compliance, decision making and Human Resources?  Are you familiar with your tax responsibilities as they relate to ACA?  If any of these questions make you hesitate – look no further – we can bring confidence to your organization when it comes to ACA Compliance.

Our value to you is what we value most.

For over 100 years we have been witness to economic changes.  Keeping pace with legal and demographic changes in the marketplace with knowledgeable sales staff, as well as client managers, has allowed us be a strong asset to our clients.  We are the ones they turn to when change happens.  We take great care to communicate quickly through technology to our employers and employees, and are always accessible when needed.  Our industry knowledge and tenure allows us to bring value to your company and your employees.  We stay one step ahead of all your employee benefit concerns so you can focus on your business.