Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

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The employee benefits landscape is ever-changing.  It has become increasingly costly and confusing.  Additionally, the passage of the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) signed into law March 23, 2010, has created greater complexities for all employers.  How can your business stay in compliance, avoid fines or fees and at the same time provide quality/cost effective health care for your employees?  Turn to the experienced benefits professionals at Cook Maran & Associates.

Your Cook Maran team will offer the advice and guidance you need to now only respond to industry changes but to anticipate and comply with them.

We’ll Help You Navigate the Benefits Landscape.

Licensed in 48 states, Cook Maran can become an extension of your company’s benefits department and offer your business a level of expertise other brokers simply cannot match.  As your broker, we will work together with you and your in-house benefits group to create and implement comprehensive employee benefits packages to keep your business competitive as well as guide you through the new ACA rules and regulations. Our solutions include:

  • Benefit Plan Management. From strategic planning and program implementation, online enrollment and support, to claims underwriting and advocacy, our professionals develop a plan that works for your employees – and your bottom line.  This plan may include the full range of health insurance options, Flexible Spending Plans, Health Savings Accounts, a suite of Voluntary Products, COBRA, and Advocacy Management.
  • Compliance Management. Compliance has officially become the quickest growing concern among HR staffs.  The ACA created new complexities and requirements that have further burdened already overworked and under-equipped HR staffs.  Not only do they need to handle day to day employee matters, but now they have to know how to submit their 1094 and 1095 forms correctly and understand HIPAA and HITECH regulations.  Who can they turn to for help?  We can guide them through these processes, offering you real solutions for support through our HR offerings as well as a Compliance Management Team.
  • Benefits Administration Management. Many Benefits Administrators today need online solutions to stay organized, and communicate with staff.  Our customized company employee management tools will deliver a full suite of offerings to your company based on your needs.  Redesign your organization’s intranet site and provide mobile solutions to your employees, on-boarding for ease of enrollments and time-off tracking.  These online solutions can streamline your processes, which will not only simplify your business, but also cut down on wasted time and money.
  • Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle Management. Least we not forget your most valuable assets – your employees.  Cook Maran can help you keep them well and working.  Our full range of corporate wellness programs and resources can help.  From promoting preventative care initiatives to chronic disease management (for self-funded health plans) we can help foster a culture of wellness within your organization.

With Cook Maran as your employee benefits broker, you can be confident your coverage will be comprehensive, compliant and cost effective – now – and in the future.  Along with staying on top of regulatory changes we stay in touch with your business.  We take the time to sit down with our clients on a quarterly basis to ensure your program continues to meet your needs and your budget, leveraging the solid relationships with the nation’s best, top-rated insurance carriers.

See for yourself. Request a consultation with one of our experienced benefits professionals or simply contact us to find out more.