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About Us

Cook Maran Services, LLC has been created to provide local East End professionals the opportunity to attend licensing and continuing education in the East Hampton and Southampton Maran offices.

All classes will be taught by Roseann Farrow.

Register for Cook Maran Services

For more information about our classes, or to register, please call us at 631-702-8546 or email us at

Cook Maran Services will host the following classes: (Please see calendar below for course dates and current offerings)

  • Continuing Education Classes — Fee $135
  • 22.5 hour Course with 3 hours Human Rights & Fair Housing and 1 hour Law of Agency
  • Salesperson Licensing Course — Fee $595, 75 Hours

Don’t just take our word for it… Hear what our students have to say.

October 2014 Salesperson Class Photo









“The class was terrific, stimulating and energetic. If I had to sit through continuing ed on the computer I would have gone batty. John is a fantastic instructor and I¹m so happy you two have joined ranks to form a real estate school on the East End. I was honored to be a member of the inaugural class. Looking forward to attending many more classes in the future at Cook Maran!”

Sarah Minardi
Saunders, East Hampton NY

“Not only is the school enormously convenient for the hundreds if not thousands of agents and aspiring agents on the East End of Long Island but your facilities are truly world class.”

Peter J. Moore
Corcoran, East Hampton NY