Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

What’s your business’ largest risk? Not having the right commercial insurance broker.

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Our consultative approach focuses on managing your risk and negotiating your business insurance coverage. More than an insurance broker, we’re the insurance adviser and advocate you can count on to help protect you from the unpredictable, control your insurance costs and anticipate your changing needs. We proactively work with you to help ensure that your large commercial or small business insurance coverage continues to offer you the right level of protection for years to come.

Large Commercial

Cook Maran’s trusted team of experienced advisers is sought out by large commercial clients throughout the Northeast for insurance solutions that work for their businesses – and their bottom lines. The fact is 70 percent of your insurance cost is comprised of variables you can control with the right risk management and loss control strategies. That’s exactly what Cook Maran & Associates provides. When you choose us as your broker, we take the time to sit down with you, meet with your management team and get to know your unique risks, what’s driving your claims and how we can help you prevent them.

With an assessment of your business and a review of your existing policies, we will be able to point out where your current program may leave you needlessly exposed. This diligent analysis allows us to aggressively bring your specifications to the commercial insurance marketplace where we seek options from literally dozens of A-rated or better carriers. Our size and strong relationships with these carriers enable us to negotiate insurance premiums and coverages that provide you with the comprehensive protection you need at a competitive price.

Our consultative approach doesn’t stop there. Your dedicated commercial insurance professionals will draw on the resources of our entire agency to provide ongoing advice and guidance. We’ll continue to evaluate your business risk, review your changing needs, provide custom advice and recommend appropriate and efficient ways to protect your company’s interests. We’ll also keep you informed of issues so you understand those that will likely impact business risks – and potentially increase insurance costs.

How do we reduce insurance costs and improve your bottom line?

  • Analyze your business risks. Using claims statistics and a comprehensive operational review, we identify loss causes and trends – and how to help prevent them. We also understand such alternative risk transfer strategies as captives, large deductible and self-insured programs.
  • Proactively manage and control claims. No one does more to help you control the cost of claims than Cook Maran. When you have a claim, our dedicated claims professionals will help you navigate the process, manage complex or serious claims and negotiate with your carrier when necessary. We’ll also sit down with you regularly to review open claims to minimize reserves, close claims and expedite their settlement.
  • Develop effective loss control strategies. Customized to meet your business’ specific issues, our comprehensive approach ranges from establishing a safety committee, safety training or workers’ compensation fraud programs to assisting with OSHA and carrier loss inspections.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration. With Cook Maran as your commercial insurance broker, you’ll get the answers you need – how, when and where you need them. Your dedicated professional is backed by our 24/7 emergency claims hotline as well as a robust client web portal that offers you around-the-clock access to resources that can help you with OSHA compliance, risk management, loss control, safety, human resources – and more.

Put our proven client-focused approach to work for your company. To find out how, speak to one of our experienced business insurance professionals or request a consultation now.

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Small Business

In today’s competitive environment, your small business can’t afford to wait: not for the latest opportunity, the next client – or for a response from your insurance agent. With Cook Maran & Associates as your small business insurance broker, you won’t have to.

A leading commercial insurance broker, small businesses throughout the Northeast region count on us for fast answers and sound advice . . . and we deliver. Your Cook Maran team of experienced small business insurance professionals takes the time to get to know your business and understand its risks. The result: a complete assessment of your business and existing policies, which allows us to aggressively negotiate with leading business insurance carriers to deliver a proposal that is both competitive and tailored to your needs.

At Cook Maran, it’s about more than just finding your business the right insurance policy; it’s about making sure you have the right people standing behind it. We have a team of insurance professionals dedicated to businesses with fewer than 25 employees that’s there to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Should you ever need to file a claim, we’ll be there as well, acting as your advocate with the insurance carrier and helping you navigate the claims process. We work with only carriers who share our commitment to client service – and leverage our strong relationships with them – to bring your claim to resolution as quickly as possible.

From helping you determine how to best approach your specific claim to introducing you to your carrier representative – and following up to ensure you’re satisfied with how they’re handling it – we work together with you until your claim is resolved.

See how Cook Maran’s client-focused responsive approach can benefit your small business. Speak to one of our experienced business insurance professionals or request a consultation.

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